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Virtual Grounded Audio Board TMB-DR20E

Virtual Grounded Audio Board TMB-DR20E

The TMB-DR20E is a 3-hybrid structure audio board with virtual grounding, made from the same high-grade Russian birch used in the flagship “magnesia” audio rack.
The TMB-DR20E retains the basic structure of the previous model TMB-10E, but the purity of the magnesium plate material has been further improved to enhance vibration absorption and improve sound quality. It has a three-layer hybrid structure with a top layer of high-grade Russian birch, a middle layer of the purest magnesium plate, and a bottom layer of high-density MDF.
As a technology to further improve the sound quality, we propose virtual grounding using the included magnesium shielded ground wire.
The conductor (DF-OFC) and insulator (Super Clear Isolator) used in the flagship TPL-2000RX line cable are adopted, and the outer sheath is constructed with the tuning spacer “D-REN pro” technology to further improve the vibration control effect of the wire itself. D-REN Earth, the ultimate grounding wire, was created by applying the HSE treatment treatment, which has become one of our representative technologies. By connecting this “D-REN Earth” between pure magnesium and the equipment used, an unprecedented sense of silence and a realistic sense of stage will spread before your eyes.
The TMB-DR20E is a product that enables two effects in one unit: tuning board and virtual earth.

Top row: Russian birch 12mm
Middle section: Pure magnesium 2mm
MDF 6mm

Magnesium grounding cable “D-REN Earth”, length 40cm
Rhodium-plated Y terminal → Round terminal (with screw)



Release date
February, 2022



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