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Speaker Stand MGT-Pro


The world’s first magnesium speaker stand “MGT,” developed in 2004 and adopted as a dedicated model for many famous speakers, has merged with the professional stand “RKST,” which has been sold as a standard for recording studio speaker stands for nearly 20 years. The result is a high-cost-performance model.
The top plate, bottom plate, and magnesium pillars, which form the basic foundation of sound quality, are standardized with our flagship speaker stand “RTS” (patented), inheriting the realistic sound field expression and reliability of recording studios and elevating it to a new level. Thus, the next-generation speaker stand is born.

(Top plate) W19×D24cm
(Bottom plate) W22×D27cm

【Height and Weight】
– MGT-50Pro (Height 50cm) 7.7kg/piece
– MGT-60Pro (Height 60cm) 7.8kg/piece
– MGT-70Pro (Height 70cm) 8.0kg/piece
– MGT-90Pro (Height 90cm) 8.4kg/piece

【Release Date】 June, 2024



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