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Vibration Damping Accessory TR-Pad-EX

Vibration Damping Accessory TR-Pad-EX

The vibration damping accessory with new ideas “TR Pad EX” was born through the collaboration of TIGLON and REQST.
It can be set under the equipment, and the sound quality is improved by damping the vibration of the equipment installation surface and suppressing standing waves.
Although many of the conventional insulators and audio boards are aimed to block or dampen the vibration generated by equipment, the reversal of the idea was taken for TR Pad EX. The sound quality can improve without side effects by directly damping the vibration of equipment installation surface (floor, rack shelf, etc.) and keeping it without touching the equipment.
In the final tuning, The expertise of TPL 2000A, which won the Grand Prix of Audio Accessory Excellence Award in 2019, was input, and the joy of music was pursued.
You put it so that the TIGLON logo is on the surface, set it between the equipment and the ground and use it so that it does not directly touch the equipment.
It is more effective to place TR Pad EX on the equipment installation surface (floor, rack shelf, etc.) with putting it about 1 cm closer to the listener side from the center of the equipment.
While the effect of improving the sound quality occurs immediately after placing TR Pad EX, it takes a little time for the damping performance to be effective.



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