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Magnesia EX

Magnesia EX

“MAGNESIA EX,” which was released as a product to commemorate the 10th anniversary of our founding, is the audio rack that has been developed for more than two years and has been completed without any compromise in sound quality.
The shelf is made of the same finest Russian birch waterproof plywood as the high-grade audio rack “Magnesia TMR series”, and the struts are made of magnesium alloy (φ 20) which enables overwhelming vibration damping performance despite being slender. The installation area of the equipment has been widened from W500 x D400 mm of the conventional model to W530 x D430 mm, and analog players and large amplifiers can be installed.
The wider and lighter sound field than ever before have been pursued, by reducing the overall mass with the strength of the parts kept.
We hope you experience the natural sound that can be reproduced because of its simple structure with no waste.

M-EX1(1 shelf)
M-EX2(2 shelves) 330mm
M-EX3(3 shelves) 200+330mm
M-EX4(4 shelves) 200+280+330mm
M-EX5(5 shelves) 200+200+280+330mm

Shelf board
– MPR-M7
Mg post 70mm(4 posts)
– MPR-M15
Mg post 150mm(4 posts)
– MPR-M20
Mg post 200mm(4 posts)
– MPR-M28
Mg post 280mm(4 posts)
– MPR-M33
Mg post 330mm(4 posts)
– MPR-B7
Mg legs 70mm(4 posts)
Top end pin
Caster set
– MPR-14
Soft Spike Set



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