Company Name Tiglon Co., Ltd.
Representative Kentaro Okino, Representative director
Head office location Zip code 242-0001
2538 Shimotsuruma, Yamato City, Kanagawa Prefecture
TEL 046-205-2777  FAX 046-205-2778
Established 2008
Capital 10 million yen
Business contents Manufacture and sale of TIGLON products

Tiglon continues to strive for

creating the unknown sound

We, Tiglon, started the business with the world’s first magnesium speaker stand “MGT series” that was released in 2006.

For 12 years since its establishment, focusing on “audio cable” using magnesium shield which is internationally patented technology and “RKST series” which are professional speaker stands, we have made proposals that lead to customer satisfaction with products such as “audio rack”, “audio board”, and “insulator” that use magnesium (Mg), which has excellent vibration damping, vibration absorption and electromagnetic wave shielding performance.

Audio equipment is changing at an unprecedented speed, and we believe that the company will not grow unless we respond flexibly to the trends of the times from various perspectives and create accessories of even higher quality and effectiveness.
In the 13th term, we will continue to grow further, with the aim of becoming a stronger and more flexible company by forming technical alliances and sharing information in various fields both inside and outside Japan.
There is no “absolute” in “audio accessories” we think of.

We believe that our mission is to create new value and unknown sound, and bring “emotion” and “fun” to the audio life of our customers.
For that, we, all employees, will continue to work diligently and earnestly to become the accessory brand chosen by customers.

We appreciate your continued support.

Company history

2005 Developed the world's first magnesium alloy speaker stand, the MGT-60S.
2006 Developed the "M series" of magnesium insulators.
Released the "RKST" series of professional magnesium stands in collaboration with REQST.
2008 Apr - KRYNA PRO Co., Ltd. is established
Dec - The "TIGLON" brand is born and the speaker stand "TIS-60" is announce
2009 Apr - Obtains patented technology "Magnesium Shield"
Jun - Releases the TIGLON magnesium cable "MGL-1000R"
2010 The contract with KRYNA is terminated and the brand and company name are changed to "TIGLON"
RCA cable "MGL-R1" wins Technology of the Year 2010
Power cable "MS-12A" wins the Gold Prize in Visual Grand Prix 2010
Line cables "MGL-R1", "X1", and the audio rack "TMR-3" win the Gold Prize in Audio Accessory
Excellence Award
2011 Digital cable "MGL-D1" wins Technology of the Year 2011 and the Gold Prize in Audio Accessory
Excellence Award
Receive an encouragement award from the Japan Magnesium Association
2012 Starts global sales in full swing after exhibiting at an audio show in Munich and China
Power cable “MGL-A1” wins Technology of the Year 2012 and the Gold Prize in Audio Accessory
Excellence Award
Audio board "TMB-50" and the insulator "TMZ" the Gold Prize in Audio Accessory Excellence Award
Released the "TRS" series audio rack, the second collaboration with REQST
2013 XLR Cable "MGL-X10" wins Technology of the Year 2013
The TMR series audio racks won the 2013 Shanghai International Acoustic Grand Prix
2014 Insulator "TMZ" wins Most Wanted Component for the american magazine STEREO TIMES 2014
RCA cable "MGL-R10" wins Technology of the Year 2014
2015 Speaker cable "MGL-SP1" wins BESTBUY2015 for the HIFI-REVIEW magazine
Digital cable "MGL-D10" wins Technology of the Year 2015 and the Gold Prize in Audio Accessory
Excellence Award
2016 To commemorate the 10th anniversary of the birth of magnesium struts, the LS50 stand "MGT-LS50",
the Haydn stand "MGT-VH1", and the 805D3 stand "MGT-805WD3" are on sale.
2017 Establishes a manufacturing base in Kagawa prefecture
2018 Introduces the new technology "HSE" for the first time in Japan
2019 Power cable "TPL-2000A" wins the Grand Prix of Audio Accessory Excellence Award and both the outstanding performance award and the industry top award of Technology of the Year 2019.
The insulator "D-REN Pro" also wins both the special prize of Audio Accessory Excellence Award and Technology of the Year 2019
2020 TPL-2000A gets five stars in Serbia article
Released "TR-Pad-EX", the third collaboration product with REQST, a new concept in vibration control accessories


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