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TPL-2000A Premium AC Cable

TPL-2000A Premium AC Cable

It utilizes the internationally patented technology “Magnesium Shield” and the latest technology “Hyper-Saturated Energizer (HSE)” which significantly improves the sound quality, and its conductor is the legendary one “Dip-Forming Oxygen-Free Copper (DF-OFC) ” developed by GE of America. By newly adopting the second-generation magnesium filter “PMF mk II” in pursuit of even higher quietness, and “special outer tube” and “surface antistatic treatment” having excellent high-frequency shielding performance and used in the aviation industry, we have completed the ultimate power cable combining the technology cultivated so far and the latest technology. The plug is FI-50 (R) NCF, the highest grade power plug made by FURUTECH, and the most elegant premium power cable in TIGLON history was born.

In 2020, it was awarded five stars in a Serbian magazine.



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