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Speaker Base PA-Pro


The world’s first magnesium speaker base “PA,” developed in 2004, is a long-selling model that has been used in large and medium-sized speakers as well as in numerous professional musicians’ guitar amplifiers.
To further improve sound quality and stabilize strength, we have replaced the vibration-damping material inside the support columns from “silica sand” to a new material cultivated from the tuning sheet “D-REN Pro” called “special vibration-damping rubber,” which suppresses vibration. Additionally, we have significantly revamped the screws in the connecting parts and the overall coating.
This next-generation speaker base is born from the know-how and experience accumulated over 20 years of use in professional recording studios.

【Size】1 piece
(Top plate and bottom plate) W10×D40cm

【Height and Weight]】1 set = 1 channel (2 pieces)
– PA-7 Pro (Height 7cm) 10.4kg
– PA-13 Pro (Height 13cm) 10.8kg
– PA-20 Pro (Height 20cm) 11.2kg
– PA-30 Pro (Height 30cm) 11.8kg

*When used for 2-channel left and right speakers, you will need the above 2 sets (4 pieces).

【Release Date】June, 2024



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