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Tigron is pleased to announce the release of the USB cable as the fourth product in the Tigron Premium Line 2000 Series (TPL-2000).
This flagship model adopts all the technologies of the TPL-2000A power cable, the first in the TPL series, which won the “Audio Accessory Excellence Award 2019 Grand Prix” and the “MJ Technology of the Year Excellence Award” in 2019. The cable has a two-piece structure, with signal and power completely separated, and uses OCC (monocrystalline) silver wire for the signal line and OCC (monocrystalline) copper wire for the power line. The outer circumference is covered with a world-patented “magnesium shield” and a “special outer tube” to thoroughly prevent electromagnetic waves and vibration noise, resulting in a high level of quietness. In addition, the original burn-in technology “Hypersaturated Energizer (HSE)” realizes a realistic sound field, and the “Advanced Magnesium Filter (AMF)” placed at both the IN and OUT ports provides stable signal transmission.
We hope you will enjoy this USB cable with the best tuning in TIGLON’s history and all of our accumulated know-how.

Release date
June 1, 2022



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