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Portable Audio Rack MPR Series

MPR-2(for small size)

The shelf is made of the same Russian birch as the high-grade audio rack “Magnesia”, and the struts are made of magnesium alloy (φ 20) which enables overwhelming vibration damping performance despite being slender.
It is the full-scale portable rack that is a miniaturized version of basic philosophy and structure of Magnesia.
Moreover, it performs the function of vibration control and upgrading the sound quality by controlling it.

MPR-1 (1 shelf)
MPR-2 (2 shelves) 150mm
MPR-3 (3 shelves) 150+150mm

– MPR-M7
Mg post 70mm (4 posts)
– MPR-M15
Mg post 150mm(4 posts)
– MPR-M20
Mg post 200mm(4 posts)
– MPR-M28
Mg post 280mm(4 posts)
– MPR-M33
Mg post 330mm(4 posts)
– MPR-B7
Mg legs 70mm(4 posts)
Top end pin
Shelf board
Caster set
– MPR-14
Soft Spike Set



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