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The world’s first use of complexly shaped (double cylindrical) magnesium pillars for the first time in the world has resulted in an amazing Excellent strength and vibration absorption! Furthermore, in order to eliminate unnecessary resonance and vibration, the inside of the double cylinder is filled with ultrafine sand to reproduce the ideal musical space. The shelves are made of “Russian Birch”, a carefully selected high-grade wood with the highest level of airtightness, strength and water resistance. Use. The magnesium rack, a hybrid of metal and natural wood, was thoroughly pursued for natural sound quality. Awaken your audio system with “Magnesia”.

TMR-1 (1 shelf)
TMR-2 (2 shelves) 330mm
TMR-3 (3 shelves) 200+330mm
TMR-4 (4 shelves) 200+280+330mm
TMR-5 (5 shelves) 200+200+280+330mm

Size : W600xD500xH21mm
Weight : 9.7kg(TMR-2) / 14.5kg(TMR-3) / 19.4kg(TMR-4) / 24.2kg(TMR-5)
*The load capacity is 100 kg or less.
*You can choose from four different types of support pillars.

– TMR-M15
Mg Post 150mm
– TMR-M20
Mg Post 200mm
– TMR-M28
Mg Post 280mm
– TMR-M33
Mg Post 330mm
Shelf board
Caster set
– TMR-14
Soft spike set
– TMR-B7
Mg legs 70mm



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