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MZX-3 (3pcs.) MZX-4 (4pcs.)

MZX-3 (3pcs.) MZX-4 (4pcs.)

This is a hybrid insulator made of magnesium and Russian birch, which further improves the sound quality of the magnesium insulator “MZ series”. The cup shape prevents spikes from falling or shifting, and the hybrid structure reproduces a well-balanced and well-rounded sound quality. In addition, the “D-REN Tuning Ring,” which was first used in the flagship audio rack “GMR,” is mounted inside the cup to realize an overwhelming sound field space. The spikes “M1, M2” and “MZ1, MZ2” that have been used until now can be reborn as hybrid insulators by adding only the cup.

Product Specifications
Size Height : 33mm Diameter : 48mm Inner diameter : 33mm
Weight 49g (per piece)

Load capacity per piece(Recommended within 20kg)

Release date
Feb. 2022



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