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The power of magnesium struts maximizes the performance of the small speaker.
We use a special alloy with strength increased by mixing pure magnesium with manganese for the struts and a special pipe with standing wave prevention rib which has lines on the surface. Furthermore, the struts has ultra-fine sand inside. The top and bottom plates are made of aluminum and steel plywood. It is a mechanism that suppresses the whole resonance further by canceling the resonance out by means of the magnesium alloy struts and the different metals.

Top board : W19cm×D24cm
Bottom board : W22cm×D27cm
Height : 50cm(50W)/60cm(60W)/70cm(70W)
Weight : 12.1kg/本(50W) / 13.1kg/本(60W) / 14.1kg/本(70W)
The load capacity is 50 kg or less.



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