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Tuning Sheet DRS Series (D-REN Sheet)

Tuning Sheet DRS Series (D-REN Sheet)

*Image is under development. The color of this product will be dark blue.

D-REN Sheet, the first product to be released as TIGLON’s 15th anniversary commemorative model, is a jointly developed product that combines the compound resonance suppression technology of our tuning spacer “D-ren Pro” and the vibration suppression effect of Sunshine’s magical seat “B Seat,” which has been a huge hit.
Steel sheet of 0.8mm and 0.6mm are pressed with special technology, and the newly developed damping program “Magnetic Zero Process” is used to adjust the metallic characteristics of the steel Seats to create an ideal tuning item that produces a significant sound quality improvement effect despite its thinness of 1.4mm thickness.



DRS-25 (D)220mm X (W)290mm X (H)1.4mm
DRS-40 (D)445mm X (W)345mm X (H)1.4mm
DRS-50 (D)490mm X (W)445mm X (H)1.4mm



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