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Arrival of Virtual Grounded Audio Board

The TMB-DR20E audio board with virtual ground, which has been well received since its release in March and was sold out every time it arrived, has now arrived. It is an item with a newly developed D-REN EARTH attached to a water resistant laminated birch, magnesium, and MDF 3-layer structure board. The purity of the magnesium plate inside of the board has been improved compared to the former model, and the vibration absorption performance has been improved. Here are some excerpts by Mr. Masanori Hayashi.

Excerpt from Phileweb (Mr. Masanori Hayashi)
First, check the basic physical strength of the board alone. It makes nice and quiet sound. The balance between the powerful vibration control ability of magnesium itself and the aesthetics of the sound of birch has become even clearer, and it has sublimated to an overwhelmingly higher dimension. High S / N and high resolution with a lively organic sound that is common to the company’s audio rack “Grand Magnesia”. And it’s hi-fi in a good way, but it’s not brute force. Next, let’s connect the attached “D-REN Earth”. It worked. It brings out the potential of the board in an interesting way. Without missing any sign, the landscape of sound rises quickly. It’s a terrifying sense of silence, but one of the elements of such tranquility is the thorough elimination of background noise and miscellaneous taste. “D-REN Earth” has a powerful effect and deepens the transparency and penetration of the sound at once, so I am honestly surprised. A stage that is too vivid appears in front of you, and the depth becomes deeper and three-dimensional.


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