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Web magazine review for USB cable


USB cable, TPL-2000U is reviewed by Polish magazine High Fidelity.

Excerpt from the article *For entire article, visit High Fidelity
The tested cable is fast, clear, accurate and differentiating. However, it does never sound cold, skinny or emotionally bland. The manufacturer managed to choose the right proportions between these elements and not overdo any of them. A truly high quality, great sounding USB cable. 

Product detail
For minimum distortion, individual audio single transmission from power line is applied. OCC single crystal silver conductor is used for signal, and OCC single crystal copper is for power. With international Patented technology “Magnesium Shield” and special outer jacket, EMI and vibration noise are eliminated thoroughly for solemn silence. In addition, it is treated with our original burn-in technology “Hyper Saturated Energizer” (HSE) for real live sound. “Advanced Magnesium Filter” (AMF) is placed on both ends to realize stable signal transmission.


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