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  • The power cable was featured in an online magazine in Poland.

The power cable was featured in an online magazine in Poland.


The power cable “TPL-3000A-WT” was featured in the Polish online magazine “High Fidelity”. In this article, the cable received the “RED FINGERPRINT Award”, which is given to particularly outstanding products that the magazine favored throughout the year.

Here is an excerpt from the article ※ For the full article, please refer to High Fidelity.

“This cable has a soft sound, pastel-like, and does not impose a strong sound. Its musical expression is very intriguing. It is open, resonant, and has a sense of ‘spaciousness’.
The TPL-3000A-WT, as I understand it, is like an elegant invitation. You have surely encountered something similar at a wedding or another equally important event—paper, fonts, colors, envelopes. The sound of this cable is so pleasant and inviting to listen to music that it is naturally accepted.
Perhaps the essence of audio is to make music more than just a collection of sounds, to turn it into a story. The Tiglon power cable we reviewed this time was fascinating and indeed a charming story. We love refined stories, so we present the “RED FINGERPRINT Award” to the TPL-3000A-WT.”


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