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Customer’s review for TPL-2000A

Here is the feedback for premium line power cbale TPL-2000A from a customer who tried.

Mr. M

I appreciate from the bottom of my heart for an opportunity to listen to your company’s power cable for audition. In conclusion, I think that this TPL-2000A is a very wonderful cable to be honest! I compared it with the highest model and same price range from A company in foreign country. Each cable were connected between CD transport and channel divider. This is the place where I can feel the most differences in sound quality in my system. Also, I used a Joderica for the wall outlet. First, I listened to the same price range cable from A, then TPL-2000A → the highest model from A. But TPL-2000A’s sound thickness, vocals, and bass tone were outstanding compared to others. It was an attractive sound that was second to none. Personally, I prefer the American sound, but this Tigron cable wins for “Japanese craftmanship.” Thank you very much.

P.S. After that, I purchased TPL2000A at the favorite audio store.


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