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Magazine review for speaker cable in Italy.


Speaker cable MSS-DR100SP-HSE was reviewed by Italian magazine SUONO.

Excerpt from the review
The MSS-DF100SP-HSE represents the top of the range. The HSE (“Hyper Saturated Energizer”) treatment first of all provides great stability, physical and electrical constancy to the conductor, providing it with improvements such as greater naturalness and transparency with the addition of an increased degree of contrast resolution and consequent improvement in transient response. Listening I notice excellent musicality and a more relaxed sounding. The alto sax has the right attitude: it appears extended and rightly in some passages the typical nasality makes it appreciated; the Tiglon MSS-DF100SP-HSE highlights these subtleties very well and, as the listening proceeds, the resolution appears overall balanced.
Surely the cable turns out to have a very gratifying musicality combined with a great “silence” that makes everything you listen to fluid. This is amply demonstrated by both the sax solos and the piano accompaniment, the latter emphasized and confirmed by the right size, as does the rhythm section, credibly dimensioned and spaced in depth. The Tiglon cable is able to deliver music in a smooth. This feature, combined with the right point of resolution, allows the cable to make listening to the most varied musical genres gratifying. The stringed instruments are certainly among the most pleasant heard as the very quality of the voices that appear truly material.


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