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You Tube review for new speaker cable, TPL-2000SP in Hong Kong


New speaker cable which will be released on August 20 is introduced on You Tube in Hong Kong and receive great response.

TiGLON has released many new products this year. This time, we will introduce the popular 2000 series speaker cable 2000SP. First of all, the conductor uses DF-OFC of 5.5sq like other 2000 series. Regarding the sound character of 2000SP, as TiGLON’s flagship series, it has basic requirements such as silent background, strong three-dimensional effect, and density of midrange. The most attractive part of this cable is that it reproduces very attractive vocals.

Release date: August 20th
*Pre-ordered items will be shipped soon. For inquiries, reservations, and applications for sample, please contact local dealers.

As a culmination of the Tigron Premium Line TPL-2000 series, we have produced speaker cables. Dip-forming oxygen-free copper (DF-OFC), which is a rare conductor, is combined with our company’s revolver twist, and the international patented technology “magnesium shield” is applied. The outer jacket has been tuned up with a special outer tube and antistatic treatment that is also used in the aviation industry, and the newly introduced “HSE Grande”, an evolved version of the original run-in technology. The patented technology “Advanced Magnesium Filter (AMF)” that strongly suppresses the horizontal and vertical vibrations of the cable and the special insulator “Super Clear Isolator” pursue a faithful sound field and a high sense of silence to the limit. The culmination of magnesium cables that incorporate all of TIGLON’s technology has been completed.

Conductor : DF-OFC 5.5sq 2 cores
Insulator : Super clear isolator
Shield : Magnesium shield
Outer jacket : Ultraflex sheath + antistatic jacket

【Standard length】
1.5m, 2.5m, 3.5m
*Can be extended by 50cm
*Terminals can be selected from rhodium-plated Y terminals and banana terminals.


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