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New product pre-order [Premium Jumper Cables]


Jumper cables will be released from the flagship model TPL-2000 series.
Release date: August 20 *Reservations will be shipped sequentially from August 10.
For reservations and inquiries, please contact the respective distributors.

As the culmination of the Tiglon Premium Line 2000 Series, we have produced a premium jumper cable that was developed simultaneously with the TPL-2000SP speaker cable, which is the culmination of all our technologies. Dipped-formed oxygen-free copper (DF-OCFCs), which is said to be a miraculous conductor, is given a “magnesium shield,” a world-patented technology, and the outer jacket is made of a special outer tube used in the aviation industry, with antistatic treatment, and an evolution of the original burn-in technology newly introduced for the 2000SP. The outer jacket has a special outer tube used in the aviation industry and an antistatic treatment. The new “D-REN sheath” technology that strongly suppresses both lateral and vertical vibration of the cable and the special insulator “Super Clear Isolator” are used to achieve a faithful sound field and a high sense of quietness. All of TIGLON’s technologies have been incorporated into this magnesium jumper cable.

18cm x 4 pcs. set
The following three types of terminals can be selected
Y terminals on both sides
Banana terminals on both sides
Y terminal on one side, Banana terminal on one side


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