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BFA-CLAMP and BFA-MAT won PRODUCT OF THE YEAR 2022 in Germany.

This is a revolutionary analog stabilizer developed with Gerd Volker Kühn of Black Forest Audio in Germany, who is a sound partner of TIGLON and had a great influence on the development of the TPL (Tiglon Premium Line) series. The structure of the stabilizer, which can be clamped to the center pin of a record player without using metal as much as possible, is patent pending in Germany. There are two ways to use it. One is to set it on top of the record like a conventional stabilizer to suppress minute vibrations on the record surface and adjust the sound quality, and the other is to chuck it on the center pin if the center pin is long enough. If the center pin is long enough, it can be chucked onto the center pin. Chucking applies moderate pressure from the center to suppress warping of the board, while reducing stress on the bearings and sub-chassis of the unit, and greatly stabilizing dynamics and timing. When heavy materials are used, they can mechanically accumulate wasted energy and return to the needle, interfering with the tracking process and making it difficult to transmit accurate sound quality. Therefore, a special synthetic resin material with a carbon additive is used to achieve a light weight of 100g and high rigidity. By using a special synthetic resin material mixed with carbon additives, the weight of the main unit is only 100g, yet it is highly rigid.

 In many cases, excess energy generated by motors, bearings, internal structures, etc., reaches the platter from the needle and has a negative effect, but the BFA-MAT converts this excess energy into heat internally to reproduce sound without loss of clarity, timing, or dynamics. The inside of the BFA-MAT is a fine, rigid foam structure. The BFA-MAT is an ideal turntable sheet, with a fine and very hard foam structure inside, and like the BFA-CLAMP, it is made as light as possible to achieve a faithful sound.


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