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New model of Premium Speaker cable


Finally speaker cable will be added to flagship model, TPL-2000 series on August 20.

As a culmination of the Premium Line, TPL-2000 series, we have developed a speaker cable. It is adopted all technologies from power cable “TPL-2000A” and line cable “TPL-2000RX” which won Grand Prix at “Audio Accessory Excellence Award” and “MJ Technology of the Year” in 2019 and 2020. International patented technology “Magnesium Shield” is done to rare DF-OFC which is placed like revolver. And the aero-spec outer jacket and antistatic treatment are also applied to realize supreme sound. The biggest point is that tuned up with “HSE Grande” which is evolved version of the original running-in technology. The new patented technology “Advanced Magnesium Filter (AMF)” suppresses the lateral and vertical vibration of the cable strongly. The special insulator “Super Clear Isolator” pursue a faithful sound field and the high sense of silence to the limit. In short, the revolution has started.

Conductor: DF-OFC 5.5sq  2 core
Insulation: Super Clear Isolator
Shield: Magnesium Shield
Outer jacket: Ultra Flex + Anti-static electricity jacket

1.5m, 2.5m, 3.5m
*can be extended by 50cm

*Rhodium plated Spade or Banana plug can be selected


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