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New cable running-in technology “H.S.E. Grande” begins.


New cable running-in technology is upgrade and applied all the cables from May 1. The differences from the previous HSE Treatment are “installation environment” and “additional equipment”.
As can be seen in the photo of the new system, the “installation environment” consists of the flagship audio rack “Grande Magnesia (GMR-3),” which won the Audio Excellence Award Grand Prix, starting from the top row, the “White HSE,” a dedicated device that has improved the ultra high frequency range and overall S/N and sense of speed, the “Gold HSE” is a dedicated device that specializes in a sense of depth in all bandwidths, and the “Black HSE” is a dedicated device that specializes in a sense of power and dynamic range in sound quality. The H.S.E. effect is further brought out by reinforcing measures against external vibrations.

Excerpt from a Phileweb review article (Dr. Masayoshi Hayashi)
Molecular-level processing has remarkably improved S/N and resolution in the microtonal range. The nuances are so fine that it is hard to believe that this is the same performance, and the clutter and incidental sounds have also been successfully eliminated. The orchestral music is quiet, but with a firm rhythmic movement. The orchestral music was quiet, with solid rhythmic movement, and its instantaneous rise and peak was sharp and extended without hesitation. The dynamic range through the space was truly ceiling breaking. The effect was immense, but the processing was completely natural and neutral. It made us feel that the original quality and expressiveness of the cables had been brought out to the maximum without any additions. This is the ultimate weapon in cable processing.

Excerpts from a review article (Dr. Chitake Inoue)
First of all, it increases the amount of information and the density in all bands. It is also true that the response becomes more dynamic over a wider range. Noise and distortion are also reduced, and the reproduction becomes deeper with greater dynamism and smoother ups and downs. The level of difference between this product and ordinary aging is that it is made with a clear awareness of the improvement of each individual performance, and we feel that this is accurately reflected in the sound quality.
*The full article is available from Phileweb.


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