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New model of LAN and USB cable


To meet the high demands for network cable, new model of LAN and USB cable were added to our premium lineup.

TPL-2000L professional

TPL-2000L is upgraded as “TPL-2000L Professional” to realize more stable connection between any equipment. Though TPL-2000L got great response, but the new model is nothing but superior.
Magnesium shield is applied to each cable by our artisans’ hand to eliminate fine noise from out. To achieve greater background silence, our new patented technology “Advanced Magnesium Filter” is attached to both ends. For the cable sleeve, we adopted the aero spec jacket on the outer jacket and treated our proprietary H.S.E. Grande.
The customized plug from Telegartner (made in Germany) is employed. The result is the finest LAN cable that reproduce the most faithful sound and tonality.


This cable succeeds all the technology from flagship mains cable TPL-2000A. For minimum distortion, individual audio single transmission from power line is applied. OCC single crystal silver conductor is used for signal, and OCC single crystal copper is for power. With international Patented technology “Magnesium Shield” and special outer jacket, EMI and vibration noise are eliminated thoroughly for solemn silence. In addition, it is treated with our original running-in technology H.S.E. Grande for real live sound. “Advanced Magnesium Filter” (AMF) is placed on both ends to realize stable signal transmission.


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