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Online review for Speaker cable in UK


Premium speaker cable, MSS-DF100SP-HSE is introduced by The Ear in UK. It is reviewed with German speaker by Blumenhofer due to their good compatibility.

“The best cables, in my view, tend to be those that enrich the listening experience without drawing attention to themselves; the latter can be fun initially but it’s usually the former that provides long-term contentment. The DF100SP makes no sonic imprint that I can hear, it is perfectly poised and does an admirable job of getting out of the signal path. Its transparency and low noise floor provides an exceptionally black background that makes Tempesta’s ability to resolve microdynamics even more effortless. This is not an inexpensive cable but it compliments these speakers extremely well and shifts more focus away from the gear and onto the music, which is what hifi should ultimately strive to achieve.”—by Mr. Richard Barclay, The Ear

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