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New model of Power Cable


Our new power cable product, MS-DR20A-AD, was released on August 20th. Despite being in the standard class, this power cable incorporates the latest materials and TIGLON’s technology. It is also featured in the 190th issue of Audio Accessory, which will be released on August 25th. Please take a look.

The third installment of TIGLON’s 15th-anniversary model, “MS-DR20A Azure Dragon”, is a power cable equipped with a new generation shield, a successful outcome of the hybrid structure which fuses two innovative materials – the phantom conductor “DF-OFC” and the world-patented technology “Magnesium Shield”.
The “DF-OFC” is used in all conductor parts, and the damping technology of the vibration-damping item “D-REN Pro” is applied to the outer sheath of the cable. This effectively suppresses vibration noise from the outside, significantly improving the precision of signal transmission.
Furthermore, the “MS-DR20A Azure Dragon” adopts the burn-in technology “HSE Grande Treatment” used in the top-of-the-line model “TPL-2000 series”. As a result, while being a standard model, this cable exudes the vibe of a flagship model. It is indeed a cable worthy of being called a reference model.
Plug: FURUTECH FI-11-N1(R)
Conductor: DF-OFC 2.0sq, 3-core
Insulation: Special PVC
Shield: Magnesium Shield + DF-OFC
Outer Sheath: D-REN Sheath


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