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Customer review for Power Cable


Here are some comments from customers who have tried our flagship power cable TPL-2000A and MGL-DFA10-HSE.

I have to say it was amazing. Actually, I tried many products. MGL-DFA10 was also great, but I heard some frequencies being emphasized with speakers which had wide dynamic range. The silence was amazing for its price range. So when listening to songs with orchestra in the background, such as Sarah Brightman, some stringed instruments and female voices were well harmonized. TPL-2000A has a wonderful amount of information over a wide band and a sense of silence, and I was particularly surprised by the realistic sound image. I also compared it with two models from overseas company A that cost 400,000 yen, and B that I have been using for a long time. The two companies are extremely expensive at 400,000 yen, but far from being inferior to these, I was surprised that the sound field was reproduced completely.
And I realized the wonderfulness of Japanese manufacturers. I had always thought that Japanese products would also develop great products, but this time, I was excited that they develop paramount products that could truly compete with overseas high-end products. When the product arrives, I would like to use it in places such as preamps and DACs that I could not try with lending item. Thank you very much.


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