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Earth cable, D-REN Earth is released as one of cables


The Earth cable which is attached to new underlay board, TMB-DR20E is now available as a product. It is introduced by Phileweb.

Rhodium plated Spade plug → Ring terminal

Originally, this cable is developed as an option of underlay board, TMB-DR20E. But to respond current needs for earth cable, started to be sold as one of cable range. DF-OFC is applied as a conductor as the same as flagship interconnect “TPL-2000RX”, and our patented insulator named “SUPER CLEAR ISOLATOR” is employed as well. To realize further noise decrease, D-REN Outer Jacket which is developed based on D-REN PRO technology is added. One of our masterpiece technology, HSE treatment is processed for ultimate earth cable “D-REN Earth”. It has significant effect not only as virtual earth cable but also inside wiring of speaker, other equipment or bi-wire jumper.
40cm with plug
non plug


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