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New product release


The decade long bestseller “MAGNESIA” rack has been improved in every way conceivable and “GRAND MAGNESIA” is its new name. All in all, the long established “MAGNESIA” is now transformed to the ultimate “GRAND MAGNESIA”.

To eliminate resonance between each equipment, the newly developed “GMR-SPIKE” is implemented to achieve the ideal of separating structures.
For the shelves, Russian birch, whose moisture content is strictly controlled at the special facility, is applied.  Four pieces of newly developed tuning film are affixed on the back in order to remove micro vibration.
For the magnesium poles, “special silicon compound” only developed for this rack is applied as its filler, instead of conventional ultrafine sand for the purpose of vibration control in all the range. Another patented technology ”D-REN RING”, obtained in 2019 is applied to all the poles to cut vibration and static electricity to a minimum.
At the base, a freshly designed magnesium saucer “GMR-BASE” is selected to realize “circle contact” principle, and tightened with D-REN RING to express unprecedented natural sound.

【RELEASE DATE】 Aug. 3, 2021


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