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New model of tuning sheet and speaker stand


New product of TIGLON’s first thin tuning sheet and speaker stand which can work as room tuning is released. It is also introduced in Audio Accessory #189 issue, which was published on May 25. The first shipment has been sold out by reservation, and the next arrival will be around the end of June.

*This is the proto type. The color is changed to navy.

The “D-REN Sheet”, which will be released as TIGLON’s 15th anniversary model, is the collaboration product with SUNSHINE. It is combined TIGLON’s resonance suppression technology from tuning spacer, D-REN pro and damping effect from Magical Sheet named “B Sheet” which recorded a big hit.
0.8mm and 0.6mm steel plates are pressed with special technology, and the metal properties of the steel plates are adjusted with the newly developed vibration control program “Magnetic Zero Process”. Though it has only 1.4mm thickness, the ideal tuning item which can generate outstanding improvement has been completed.
DRS-25              220mm X 290mm X 1.4mm
DRS-40              445mm X 345mm X 1.4mm
DRS-50              490mm X 445mm X 1.4mm


The speaker stand “RTS” series which is based on the world’s first magnesium speaker stand MGT-60S produced in 2006 is released as the second 15th anniversary model of TIGLON. By cooperating Escart, a room tuning specialist, this stand works as both “speaker stand” and “room tuning accessory” for the first time(patent pending).

We reconsidered how a true speaker stand should be, and thoroughly eliminated the presence of the stand, based on the concept of “virtually floating in the air”. To realize this concept, room tuning material is incorporated into the magnesium post. Eliminates the original sound of the stand and expresses a magnificent sound stage as if the speakers were floating in the air. Following all the vibration and damping technology cultivated over 17 years, this speaker stand is a full-fledged speaker stand that pursues “top and bottom plate materials”, “painting”, and “all 40 screws” without any compromise.

Top plate              W22.7×D30.0cm
Base plate            W23.0 x D32.4cm
Height can be chosen from 50, 60, 70cm


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