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Customer’s review for Grand Magnesia Rack

Customer’s review for the latest rack, Grand Magnesia.

The rack is beautifully made and well packed, easy to put together. For the sound, first, after put everything on the rack, the sound becomes much more smooth and stable and less fatigue. The image also getting more focused, soundstage get little bit wider and deeper. The other very notable area is the micro dynamic, I can certainly hear more in the music. It also give the sound more musicality without taking away the detail, and that the most valuable trait for me in regard to this rack. I don’t think it is at the level of Finite Element which my friend has in the area of detail, image two ends extensions, however, as I have an already revealing system, I consider this should be a better match even I don’t have the change to bring my friend’s FE rack in to my room, but from my experience, this rack just give me more in the areas that I am looking for without losing anything that my system already great for. It is an easy going rack unless the system is already on the very warm side.


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