Tiglon News

New product release


On June 20, analog stabilizer and turntable sheet will be released. They are developed with our long-term sound partner, Mr. Gerd Volker Kühn of Black Forest Audio in Germany who had an effect developing TIGLON Premium Line series as well. See their spec. and detail from info below. They are highly evaluated at #181 issue of Audio Accessory magazine.

Its metal-free clamp structure is patent pending in Germany. This stabilizer can be used two different ways, one is to set on record like others to control micro-vibration, the other is to grip center-pin with collect chuck if the center pin is long enough. In this way, dynamics and timing of mass drives significantly increase by giving moderate pressure from the center and flatten the disc while decreasing stress from sub-chassis and bearing. Since large mass tends to store mechanical waste energy from the tracking process and the drive, then returns to the tracking needle with a time delay and interferes with the current tracking process, this stabilizer is designed as light as possible, only 100g weight embody rigidity. The light weight and ideal clamping can reproduce stress-free space, expansion and fidelity sound. Using with BFA-MAT is recommended to enhance its potential.

Most of the time, the waste energy generated by inner structure such as motor and bearing reach to platter from needle and disturb actual processing. But BFA-MAT is able to reproduce original sound without losing transparence, timing and dynamics by transferring this waste energy to heat in its inner structure. Its inner is consisted of hard micro foam to make it as light as possible in order to reproduce authentic sound. Using with BFA-CLAMP is ideal to take the most of its potential.


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