Our technology

About Magnesium Shield

which is internationally patented technology

Our patented technology “magnesium shield” (patent No. 4282759)

We focused on the high electromagnetic wave blocking property, vibration absorption and heat dissipation that magnesium offers in order to achieve high quality reproduction of the original sound.

By adopting that magnesium as the material of the shielding layer, we succeeded in eliminating the influence of external noise that enters through cables to the limit and realized ideal signal transmission.

With the metal “magnesium” which is superior in the vibration absorption and electromagnetic wave shielding property, we developed magnesium foil that has the best audio characteristics with cutting-edge technology and special processing.

Furthermore, our unique expertise made its shielding layer ideal.

These techniques made the audio cable possible to eliminate the influence of external noise to the limit, that is the patented technology “magnesium shielding audio cable”.

First introduction of technology “HSE” in Japan

What is HSE technology?

“Hyper Saturated Energizer” (abbreviated as HSE) jointly developed by Tiglon and a group of audio cable engineers in Europe, America and Asia was introduced for the first time in Japan.The newly developed HSE program is a technology that reduces the aging time traditionally said by allowing the conductor to pass a frequency that exceeds the audible band (0 to 100 KHz) and programmed current.

Effects of HSE

Gives clear and highly natural sound
Improves clarity
Increases instantaneous power, braking force and resolution
Provides wide range
Increases the amount of information in the depth direction
Activates the conductor


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